Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Shop name, new Changes: otherDays handcrafted Jewelry

Well, I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, about a year actually. In addition to changes with my jewelry shop, I’ve gone through many personal changes, trials, and experiences in the past year, both good and bad.
I’ll start with the most obvious, which is that my shop has a new name – otherDays: handcrafted jewelry
Last year , I suffered some health issues that have taken awhile to recover from. I probably have not really begun to feel better and more normal until the past couple of months, where I’ve been able to get more excercise and be out and about more. I’m even incorporating running back into my walking and everyday routine again. Between suffering from a double head concussion and a tooth infection that went septic throughout my body, I am very glad to be alive to say the least. I’m grateful to God for every day and every breath. It was very touch and go for awhile last year for several months.
One positive that came out of it is that I began to have my handcrafted jewelry being sold at a beautiful little local boutique here in Rhinebeck, NY where I live now, called Merriweather’s Boutique. Unfrtunately, I was so ill for several months, I could barely do my daily activities, nonetheless take care of my Etsy jewelry shop. So, I had to close it, which was very sad and hard to do. However, with spring, comes new life and new beginnings too, so, just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to reopen my shop, with a new name and new jewelry, as well as some older favorite pieces too. It has a new name too, otherDays.

Here is a new necklace that I’ve made too, using some beautiful turquoise that I had made turquoise earrings with last year and the year before. All earrings were sold, so these were a few remaing peices I had. It’s called After the Storm. I gently wire-wrapped it using non-tarnishin, silver plated wire and it dangles from a sivler snake chain.
After the Storm: a necklace
After the Storm necklace
After the Storm necklace
And there are many more pieces for sale in my Etsy shop SIMPLY by CLICKING on any of the links above, they will take you to my Etsy shop otherDays, where my jewelry is for sale.
I’ll be adding new posts and pieces daily, so stay tuned. Time to go get something to eat, as I can feel my blood sugar dropping. LOL. And, it’s getting pretty cloudy outside right now, maybe we’ll get a good thunderstorm! That’d be nice. I love a good storm.

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